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We are offering a Spay and Neuter Clinic for cats on June 18th!

Buffalo Trace Cat Spay Neuter Clinic 6-4-15

Why is spaying or neutering important for your pet's health?

  • According to an article by USA Today, pets who live in the states with the highest rates of spaying/neutering also live the longest.
  • When your pet is spayed or neutered, it is no longer fighting that internal urge to mate. Therefore, it is less likely to roam and get lost, hit by a car, etc.
  • Another huge health positive of spaying and neutering is the reduced risk of your pet developing cancer. Unspayed animals have a much higher chance of developing uterine cancer or testicular cancer.
  • Pets that are spayed or neutered are also proven to be less aggressive and overall happier, healthier pets.

To schedule this very beneficial surgery for your pet, give us a call today! We would be glad to answer any additional questions that you may have regarding this common procedure.


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