Why Dental Health?

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   When you think of your pet's health, do you think of pet dentals? You should be! Pet dentistry is an important part of taking care of your pet's overall health and well-being. Not only can bacteria and infections in your pet's mouth be extremely painful for them, your pet's organs like his heart, lungs and kidneys can all be negatively affected by an unhealthy mouth. 

   How do you know if your pet is having dental problems? Foul breath, inflamed gums, and loose teeth can all be warning signs that your pet has dental disease. (source: Petmd.com) Dental disease is extremely common among dogs and cats. In fact, more dogs and cats will have oral disease in their lifetime than those that will not. Let's change this!

   At home, be sure you are brushing your pet's teeth regularly. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends brushing your pet's teeth two or three times each week along with performing an at-home oral wellness check once each week. 

   To perform an oral wellness check on your pet, lift up your pet's lips and check the color of their gums. They should be pink and the teeth should be clean with no brown coloring. 

   The final step you can take to ensure optimal oral health for your pet is regular visits to see us at Buffalo Trace Veterinary Services. We are here to help you keep your pet feeling great! Now through the end of March, we are offering 10% off of all pet dental visits. Call and schedule soon, as we have a limited number of appointments available.


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The Adventures of Captain Jack

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If you remember a previous blog post (found here) we told you about Captain Jack, a tough kitten who was found alone, and brought to our clinic.  Although he was mobile, his rear leg had abnormalities that we needed to address.

Well,  Captain Jack has been very busy this summer, as you can tell from his photo collection.  At a very young age, he was learning to play the Wii with Dr. Bryant's oldest son.  Her boys kept him very active this summer; so much that they occasionally napped together.   Peter Pan came to visit Jack as well.  They decided that Jack needed some Pixie Dust to help him fly with a bum leg. 

A very nice lady gave Jack therapeutic laser treatments over the summer as well.  On July 28th, Jack was neutered and his umbilical hernia was repaired.  In one photo, Jack has his bad leg thrown up so we can see that he has completely healed!  He received his final laser treatment on August 15th.  

Dr Bryant took a radiograph of his left leg on August 25th.  Unfortunately Captain Jack’s knee has not responded to treatment.  The decision to amputate his left rear leg will be made very soon.  In the meantime, Jack is making the most of his life at Buffalo Trace Veterinary Service.  You see him in his very own Elmo toddler bed in one photo.  It’s amazing how animals are so resilient—he’s making his life look not so hard at all, even quite enjoying it, we think!

Keep checking back for updates on Captain Jack—we will be posting soon.


Do You Know If Your Pet Has Allergies?

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As summer turns to fall, it’s important to remember that your pet might be susceptible to allergies caused by falling leaves, dried-out weeds and fleas. Don’t expect sneezing fits and runny noses, though. Rather, the 10 to 15 percent of all pets that suffer from allergies will typically scratch, lick or chew their skin ­excessively— resulting in unsightly (and heartbreaking) loss of fur.

Fleas are a particularly nasty and pesky allergen. The American Society for the Prevention of Animals counts more than 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas, which thrive in warm environments like dog and cat hair, feeding on your pets’ blood.

While many pet store owners will tell you they sell effective flea-fighting products, you might not be getting the full story. Over-the-counter flea-control solutions are less potent than the prescription products you can obtain from a veterinarian. Some, we’re shocked to say, can even be toxic if administered incorrectly.

We want to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible, which is why we conduct allergy tests using an acclaimed allergy assessment and treatment program from Heska, a leading developer of advanced veterinary diagnostic products. We will prescribe a treatment and prevention plan that likely will include Heska’s ALLERCEPT® Therapy Drops or Therapy Shots, while also taking into account your pet’s lifestyle. Does your dog swim, for example? Or does your cat like to hunt rodents? We take a personalized approach to each pet and will show you exactly how to administer allergy treatment.

Heska has been featured on a special shelter episode of the Lifetime TV show Designing Spaces, and the company’s proprietary technology has been tested on hundreds of pets. Most animals that undergo Heska allergy treatments begin to feel relief within three to six months, as their symptoms gradually improve and eventually disappear for the rest of their lives.

We all know how allergies in humans can sap our energy and make us feel miserable, so imagine how your pet feels. We trust you will treat your animal’s allergies with the urgency and seriousness that you treat your own.

Designing Spaces:



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Meet Captain Jack!

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Meet our new clinic cat.  He was found by himself, only a few days old with umbilical cord still attached and a huge blue left front paw. Now that he is mobile, his front paw is almost normal but he has left rear leg abnormalities. He had a rough start in life but we hope to make his life much better.



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After a few months of planning and work, our renovation is complete!  We are excited to show your our new veterinary facilities!

Stop in and check it out!


More renovations!

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The moving preparations continue!  The rooms are shaping up nicely....
Memorial Weekend we are moving to 159 Frankfort Street.  Make sure to stop in and see our new facility!  Only 7 days away!


  • res_20140423_180553.jpg
  • res_20140423_180622.jpg
  • res_20140423_180911.jpg
  • res_20140510_173746.jpg
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Renovation and a Move!

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Exciting times at Buffalo Trace Veterinary Services!  We'd mentioned that we were moving over Memorial Weekend (this May!), but wanted to give you a glimpse into our renovation!  Continue to watch our progress....


  • res_20140423_180656.jpg
  • res 20140402 083945
    Outside of New Clinic
  • res 20140402 084224
    Outside of New Clinic
  • res 20140402 084100
    Future surgery room and treatment area.
  • res 20140402 084147
    Future Reception Area






Rabies Clinics

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Rabies Clinic Dates and Times

Monday April 21 9a - 6p

Wed April 23 9a - 6p

Friday April 25 9a - 6p

Saturday April 26 9s - 3p

Wed April 30 9a - 6p

Wed May 7 9a - 6p

Wed May 14 9a - 6p

Wed May 21 9a - 6p

Rabies is $5.  Da2pp (dogs) $10 and FVRCP (cats) $10.  Walk in anytime during the listed hours.


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