If your pet were lost, wouldn’t it be great if they could tell someone where they live, who to contact, their medical needs, and who their veterinarian is? The ASPCA reports that “5 to 7 million” pets enter animal shelters every year and “3 to 4 million” of them are euthanized. Why? The owners could not be located in a timely manner.

We thought this statistic was heartbreaking and we wanted to do something about it.

PawPrintsID is a low-cost solution that leverages the power of the Internet with the ubiquity of smartphones.  “But my Pet is Micro chipped!”

Only Shelters and some Veterinarians have the ability to scan all the different microchips. Unfortunately, once scanned, it only contains an ID for a phone number. No important medical information, no way to directly contact the owner, and no access to the pet’s medical history. What if the pet was hurt?

A PawPrintsID Tag can be viewed by any smartphone with a QR reader. If you need a reader, go to PawPrintsID.com and download one for FREE. If using a computer to get medical information or to report a found pet, just go to PawPrintsID.com, click on the “Report a Found PawPrintsID Pet” or “Get Medical Records” buttons and enter the seven digit tag number. Once there, you can send the owner an email or download medical records for a pet. No special equipment is necessary. No computer or Smartphone just call 1-855-PAW-IDME and we will do the rest.

Let us keep your pet safe, today.  The PawPrintsID tag is available through Buffalo Trace Veterinary Services!