Bored Cat?

//Bored Cat?

Bored Cat?

There are many benefits to being an indoor cat—for example, provided there are no opportunities of an open door, chances of wild animal attacks, snow, extreme temperatures, or even getting attacked by a rougue dog are slim.  However, it takes more than just a safe environment to keep your cat healthy.

So, how can you, as a pet owner, ensure your favorite feline is content and happy?  One way is to provide a stimulating and enriching environment.  Here are  a couple of ways:

1.    Discover some new toys.
Here’s one that our cats loved:  The Cat’s Meow Undercover Mouse Cat Toy.  Toys like this provide your cat the opportunity to engage in his natural instincts of pouncing and preying!  By giving your cat toys you approve of, time spent clawing curtains, scratching furniture, and other similar destructive behaviors may be reduced.

Watch our cat in action!

2.    Go upward!  That’s right!  Even if you live in a fairly small space, cats love the opportunity to find height.  There are multiple ways to build vertical spaces for your feline.  This is a natural instinct for cats and helps them maintain a level of activity and fitness.  As a bonus, these vertical spaces provide a safe place away from toddlers, who may be constantly seeking out your cat.

3.    Provide “cat tv”, errr…a warm sunny spot where your cat can gaze outsize at a nearby-placed bird feeder.  Make sure to place the bird feeds out of range from neighboring non-indoor cats!  The variety of birds and continuous motion is sure to provide hours of mental stimulation and visual activity for your cat.

Of course, if you have any questions about how to keep your cat healthy and happy, we’re here to help!  Give us a call and schedule an appointment.
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