Notice:  We will be closed on July 4th.

However, it is very important to note that many pets experience anxiety with the festivities surrounding the 4th of July.  Many pets become lost, due to fleeing at the sound of the loud booms and crowds of people.  Not to mention, taking your pet to firework events may cause anxiety do to unfamiliar surroundings.

If your pet is one who displays repeated barking, cowering, trembling,  or destructive behaviors during thunderstorms or fireworks, you will want to take precautionary steps prior to the July 4 festivities.  This may include leaving your pet in a safe, comfortable area away from the noise and commotion.  However, even if your pet is left home, he/she may still be able to hear the loud sounds.  Please contact us prior to July 4th, and we can provide tips and perhaps even medication to help alleviate the anxiety your pet is experiencing.  

We wish you and your pets a safe and happy holiday!

Image compilation credit:  iStock Photo