As summer turns to fall, it’s important to remember that your pet might be susceptible to allergies caused by falling leaves, dried-out weeds and fleas. Don’t expect sneezing fits and runny noses, though. Rather, the 10 to 15 percent of all pets that suffer from allergies will typically scratch, lick or chew their skin ­excessively— resulting in unsightly (and heartbreaking) loss of fur.

Fleas are a particularly nasty and pesky allergen. The American Society for the Prevention of Animals counts more than 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas, which thrive in warm environments like dog and cat hair, feeding on your pets’ blood.

While many pet store owners will tell you they sell effective flea-fighting products, you might not be getting the full story. Over-the-counter flea-control solutions are less potent than the prescription products you can obtain from a veterinarian. Some, we’re shocked to say, can even be toxic if administered incorrectly.

We want to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible, which is why we conduct allergy tests using an acclaimed allergy assessment and treatment program from Heska, a leading developer of advanced veterinary diagnostic products. We will prescribe a treatment and prevention plan that likely will include Heska’s ALLERCEPT® Therapy Drops or Therapy Shots, while also taking into account your pet’s lifestyle. Does your dog swim, for example? Or does your cat like to hunt rodents? We take a personalized approach to each pet and will show you exactly how to administer allergy treatment.

Heska has been featured on a special shelter episode of the Lifetime TV show Designing Spaces, and the company’s proprietary technology has been tested on hundreds of pets. Most animals that undergo Heska allergy treatments begin to feel relief within three to six months, as their symptoms gradually improve and eventually disappear for the rest of their lives.

We all know how allergies in humans can sap our energy and make us feel miserable, so imagine how your pet feels. We trust you will treat your animal’s allergies with the urgency and seriousness that you treat your own.

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Image credit:  Marlene Palamarek | Thinkstock