If you remember a previous blog post (found here) we told you about Captain Jack, a tough kitten who was found alone, and brought to our clinic.  Although he was mobile, his rear leg had abnormalities that we needed to address.

Well,  Captain Jack has been very busy this summer, as you can tell from his photo collection.  At a very young age, he was learning to play the Wii with Dr. Bryant’s oldest son.  Her boys kept him very active this summer; so much that they occasionally napped together.   Peter Pan came to visit Jack as well.  They decided that Jack needed some Pixie Dust to help him fly with a bum leg.

A very nice lady gave Jack therapeutic laser treatments over the summer as well.  On July 28th, Jack was neutered and his umbilical hernia was repaired.  In one photo, Jack has his bad leg thrown up so we can see that he has completely healed!  He received his final laser treatment on August 15th.

Dr Bryant took a radiograph of his left leg on August 25th.  Unfortunately Captain Jack’s knee has not responded to treatment.  The decision to amputate his left rear leg will be made very soon.  In the meantime, Jack is making the most of his life at Buffalo Trace Veterinary Service.  You see him in his very own Elmo toddler bed in one photo.  It’s amazing how animals are so resilient—he’s making his life look not so hard at all, even quite enjoying it, we think!

Keep checking back for updates on Captain Jack—we will be posting soon.