Thanksgiving on the Way…

//Thanksgiving on the Way…

Thanksgiving on the Way…

With the excitement of family and fabulous food that the Thanksgiving holiday surrounds us with, there are a few things to keep in mind for keeping your pet healthy and safe.  Curious? Try Googling “Dog steals Thanksgiving Turkey” and you’ll see what we mean!

Safety points to keep on your radar:

  • Don’t give your dog Turkey bones, even small ones.  These can cause great damage to the stomach, mouth, and throat due to their brittle nature.
  • Be careful of spiced foods.  Yes, that means stuffing!  Some of our favorite spices that help define the Thanksgiving meal can actually be toxic to your pet.
  • Discard the Turkey carefully.  Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and have no shame in digging through a garbage to create his own feast!  Not only are the bones dangerous, but he may get into other toxic substances.
  • By nature, pets are curious.  Keep decorations well out of reach.  Those new holiday gourds?  They might not look too different from a dog toy, and inquisitive minds will seek them out.
  • Be mindful of the extra noise and activity–your dog or cat may simply want a break in the action and excitement.  Especially if there are small children around.  Have an area within close proximity where he can feel safe, secure and have a chance to rest in quiet.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


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